Veterans Day – November 11, 2022

We will remember…

From In Flanders Fields by John McCrae (W.E. Rudge, New York, 1921)

A grateful nation remembers the sacrafice of the fallen, those who served and those who serve today.

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4 Responses to Veterans Day – November 11, 2022

  1. Bob Wood says:

    Thank you for this. My mother’s father was poisoned by the mustard gas in WW1. He died in the Madison , Wis.  VA Hospital in early 1962.  Sally was in 2nd grade. I was in 4th grade.  Bob Wood

    • Thank you for this post Bob. I just watched the Netflix version of “All Quiet on the Western Front”. What brutal battles in such a gruesome war. I always think of Armistice Day first when I anticipate Nov. 11th. I only knew one WWI veteran in my lifetime that I am aware. I too had a relative who was gassed and haunted by that war. I need to refresh my memory, but I believe he was on my moms side of the family also. Blessings Bob!

  2. danalouthompson says:

    Thank you for sharing the poem, “In Flanders Field.” We can’t forget. Wars never seem to stop, and there may be one beginning right now. WW II began when I was a baby, and Pearl Harbor was bombed by Japan when I was eight years old. It ended in 1945 when I turned 12, I remember those days. Since then we have seen other wars, and both my husbands were veterans of the Korean War, but did not see combat. Our hope in Jesus is to see when He returns, and ends ALL wars. Lord, help us. We need YOU every day of our lives. Amen.

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