Honoring Our Veterans


Grateful for many parishioners past and present who served our country and preserved our freedoms. We honor their devotion to God and country.

Just a few: Jacob C., Jeff O., Ron K., Ron, Dave K., Milan, John E., Calvin, Jim C., Tony R., Mike R. Bee Wilson (amazing story of a woman serving her country in W.W. II), Lori and those who served silently.

We remember fondly, those who have gone to their final reward:

+Bp. John Hamers: November 7, 1924 –
August 29, 2018


To learn more about his remarkable life go to:



Mr. Roth

James E. “Rock” Roth, CAPT USN (Ret) 6/21/1937 2/27/2014


James “Rock” Roth – To read about Rock’s many significant accomplishments go here: https://myedmondsnews.com/2014/03/memoriam-james-e-rock-roth/








Elliott Walters (June 29, 1928 and passed away March 13, 2015)

S. Elliott Walters Obituary Elliott is remembered fondly at: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/seattletimes/obituary.aspx?pid=174563764

Phil Norwine (March 29, 1931 – April 8, 2012) Phil’s remarkable life is briefly recalled here: http://obits.dallasnews.com/obituaries/dallasmorningnews/obituary.aspx?pid=157565505

Epiphany Garden with Elliott Walters memorial flag on veterans day Nov 11 2018.jpg

Veteran’s flag in St. Barnabas memorial gardens – courtesy of Jim Chumbley

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