Stirring Times at the A.C.N.A.

As you can see elsewhere on this website, St. Barnabas is a member of the Anglican Church in North America.  The ACNA has its roots in the Church of England (“Anglican” refers to England).  The Church of England was formed during the Reformation in the hope of avoiding what were perceived as the opposite errors of the Roman Catholic church and the more radical reformers.  For a long time, the Church of England and its counterpart in the United States, the Episcopal Church, remained loyal to the teaching of the Bible and of the Apostles.  But any human institution requires reformation from time to time.  First the Episcopal Church and then the Church of England began to drift away from faith in the Bible and the beliefs of the Apostles.  ACNA was formed by people who wished to remain true to what the Christian Church has always believed, based on the authority of the Bible.  This has led to a curious situation.  Historically, each nation had a single version of the Anglican church.  Now in America the Episcopal Church and the ACNA (and other groups) claim their roots in the Church of England.  More interesting yet, this summer bishops of the ACNA joined with Anglican bishops from around the world and appointed (consecrated) a bishop to be sent to Great Britain to minister to those who object to the way the Anglican churches in England and Scotland are departing from traditional beliefs.image This act of sending a missionary to England has caused quite a stir in church circles.  It might be dismissed as a matter of church politics, but there are important issues at stake.  The success or failure of any particular church organization is a matter of only local importance, but the preservation of true religion as revealed by God has ultimate importance for all people.  It is God’s plan to save all people that accept his message.  For that to happen, the message must be delivered.  St. Barnabas participates in God’s plan by preserving and passing on the message of Jesus.  You are welcome to join us with your questions and concerns.


To read the full story of an missionary bishop sent Anglican churches in England and Scotland follow the link:


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Rooted in Scripture & Steeped in Anglican Tradition. A church that worships from the King James Version of the Bible and the 1928 American Book of Common Prayer. A diverse congregation committed to Jesus Christ.
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2 Responses to Stirring Times at the A.C.N.A.

  1. I find it troubling Abp Welby tolerates capitulation to culture over gender and sexual orientation vs the verbum Dei. The CofE has for the last few decades placed scripture below cultural trends and I find GAFCON sending a missionary Bishop there a sad but necessary rebuke to an unrepentant church. Lord in your mercy bring repentance and restoration to the Anglican Church. Amen.

    • Thank you for your response to the article and your reflections. It is equally troubling that GAFCON Bishops are also sending missionaries to the United States. Increasingly the story of Anglicanism becomes a tale of two churches. ACNA is the most visible presence in North America responding to un-Biblical trends in the US and Canada especially. Blessings, Fr. Harley+

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